Writing a report-type assignment of deed

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Writers can include their recommendations here, or write them in a separate section. Four working panels were recommended as an outcome of the first workshop.

Fault dimensions at least length as mapped at the surface Strike, dip direction and angle of dip of fault surface Rake of striations if present Sense of movement normal, reverse, dextral, sinistral or oblique Are there systems of faults?

Always include relevant sketches, stereonets and photos as well as referring to maps and cross sections.

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Conclusions A brief summary of everything that the work has achieved production of a geological map, cross sections and stratigraphic columns, discovery of new outcrops or fossil localities, construction of the geological history.

Simply include the names of organizations and people who helped make your report possible. Is the sequence terrestrial or marine? Use presence, age and duration of unconformities to separate distinct cycles within the main stratigraphy sequence. Specifically, the objectives of the workshop are as follows: Lithology including grain size, type of clasts, mineralogy of grains etc.

Abstract The abstract should be a stand- alone, informative summary of observations and interpretations. You may refer to your geological map and a table appendix with the list of visited outcrops.

The discussions among various participants at the workshop will not only help exchange information on the state-of-the-art in Canada, but also foster collaboration among various groups working on tracking and fusion.

As a general rule remember to give the following information: Introduction The Introduction should clearly state your objectives and include any terms of reference you used.

TOPICS Unclassified presentations on any aspect of target tracking and data and information fusion for civilian and defence applications are acceptable.

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What is the age of the youngest sediments preserved in outcrop? Try and structure the information in the simplest way possible, again so that readers can interpret the material without difficulty. Refer to your map whenever possible to locate outcrops and samples.

This area should indicate the basic structure of your reporting. Thickness of the unit if known Age of the parent rock and age of the metamorphic imprint Sedimentary units Basal boundary of the unit is it visible, is it an unconformity, is it a fault.

Geological History The geological history is a brief history of the evolution of your investigated area through time, as inferred from your field evidence.

What information was gathered? Geometry of the folded layer and fold morphology syncline, anticline Fold dimensions wavelength, amplitude Orientation and dip of axial plane and trend and plunge of the fold hinge line Evidence for superposed folding typically in metamorphic rocks Age Description of faults must include: Clearly separate ductile structures foliation, schistosity and folds in the metamorphic units from brittle structures in the sedimentary and volcanic units joints, faults and folds.

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Is there a transition from terrestrial to marine conditions? It should only draw together the main points of your report, in a way that closes the report.Tc a good approach hope it will help during my documentation and report writing as a geoscientist.

Reply. boniphace gervas. 9/30/ pm. thanks much it is very helpful in deed, very systematic and informative instruction for geological report.

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Writing a report-type assignment of deed
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