Write a compound sentence example

Think of it as a set of twins who are each their own person, yet stay connected by the same biological component. Some examples of conjunctive adverbs are: He felt hungry while waiting for her, so he went to the convenience store to buy some snacks.

He went to the football game, but she stayed home. Check back tomorrow; I will see if the book has arrived. This also means that it can never join, grammatically, clauses together. He found a new favorite food; he plans to make her cook it for him the next time.

I am counting my calories, yet I really want dessert. Other compound sentences are joined with a semicolon. Compound Sentences with a Semicolon and a Transitional Expression My brother was tired from work; therefore, he fell asleep as soon as he arrived in his apartment.

A comma should always be added after the transitional expression. She placed the dish before him; it made his hunger lose its control.

An example would be: Not only do compound sentences make it easier to convey a clear thought, but it also allows us to summarize the things we write or say. Following are explanations and examples of three types of sentences: He said the food she cooked was out of this world; he could not help getting amazed with her cooking skills.

Everyone was busy at lunch, so I ate alone. Should we start class now, or should we wait for everyone to get here? His guitar was his most prized possession; however, he had to take a break from playing it. She only wears pastel colors; she does not like anything too bold.

In most cases, a comma is required before the coordinator. He did not have a car, nor did she. I am on a diet yet still want a cookie.

Compound Sentence — Usage and Examples

Compound Sentences with a Semicolon Joe made the sugar cookies; Susan decorated them. I want hamburgers and fries, but Serena wants pizza and pasta. Johnson "The drought had lasted now for 10 million years, and the reign of the terrible lizards had long since ended.

With the help of these methods and given examples, we hope that you will already be able to compose your own compound sentences with more understanding of what it is about and more variety this time around.

I really want to go to work, but I am too sick to drive. We have never been to Disneyland, nor have we ever visited Universal Studios. Compound Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions She did not cheat on the test, for it was not the right thing to do.

The following are examples of compound sentences joined by a conjunction and a semicolon: She only paints with bold colors; she does not like pastels. Listed below are the seven coordinators existing in the English language: The text will sound choppy if too many simple sentences are used, and it will be complicated and hard to read if too many long, complex sentences are used.

The photographer held up a toy, and the little girl laughed. The team did their best, but they still lost the game. My brother is an excellent singer; as a matter of fact, he leads a musical band. If a semicolon is used, it may or may not have a conjunctive adverb.

A simple sentence expresses a complete thought and contains a subject and a verb. The job of a nurse is tiresome and stressful; nevertheless, my sister still found it very fulfilling.

Give me one serving of the dish; I will try to see if the scent matches the taste.Compound-complex sentences are very common in English, but one mistake that students often make is to try to write them without having mastered the simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences first.

If this is a confusing lesson, return to it later after completing the next three lessons (Lessons Six, Seven, and Eight). Defining a Compound Sentence. Compound sentences contain two or more independent clauses that are joined together using three methods: a coordinating conjunction, a semicolon, and a transitional expression.

Compound Sentences Examples

+ independent clause = compound sentence. the transitional expressions for example. A compound sentence is a sentence that has at least two independent clauses joined by a comma, semicolon or conjunction.

An independent clause is a clause that has a subject and verb and forms a. Learn about the compound sentence, its definition, and its use. Get tips and examples of how to write compound sentences correctly.

Learn about the compound sentence, its definition, and its use. Get tips and examples of how to write compound sentences correctly.

Example: Laverne served the main course, and Shirley poured the wine. Compound Sentences Examples. A compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences joined with a conjunction.

Notice that there are some key characteristics of a compound sentence. A compound sentence may be about one subject that discusses two different things, two different subjects that are doing the same thing or two different subjects doing two different things.

Example: I fell out of my bed, so my roommate came to check on me.

Write a compound sentence example
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