Things to write about to your best friend in a letter

Whether you deliver it via beautiful stationary in your finest handwriting, a carefully crafted digital message, or a piece of paper that you commemorate in a photo frame, the delivery medium is largely irrelevant.

Now, some people would argue that hand written letters stand the test of time more than sending the words via for exaggerations sake a Facebook message. Thank you for the absolute privilege and honor of being able to call you my best friend; thank you for being my person.

Here are seven important structural elements that you can include in your love letter. I call this the Elusive Obvious effect. Give her every detail as if you are chatting up a storm right beside her.

Also, write about the times he had your back when nobody else did. My legs felt like jelly for the next few days. I love to write and watch disney movies! The choice is yours.

I love your massive heart. Television Want to write for Fresh U?

A Thank You Letter To My Best Friend

You make me a better person. There are no surprises with you; I know who you are, and you know who I am, and we are able to love one another completely. I fell in love with you right then and there. I love you, girlie.

Thank you for being the only person I ever want to confide in. I hope you know how much you mean to me. We have these plans, you and I. Thank you for making the world a better place, just by being in it. Without hesitation, in fact.

I wish I could give you a laundry list of things for you to pull from but you know your love letter recipient infinitely better than I do. Let her know just how special she is. This is your chance. The medium is irrelevant Some purists believe that hand written notes are the only way to go when it comes to delivery love letters… and while hand written is totally bad ass and a classic way of doing things, if your hand writing is as bad as mine then you might be better off sending a typed message via email, Facebook, etc.

I changed you and you changed me.

How To Write A Love Letter That Will Make Them Cry

What do they not get told enough by you or by anyone? What would I do without you? I love you most of all for being the best friend that anyone could have!

Important Things To Include In Your Love Letter I will now go into some structural elements of an effective love letter that you can then mix and match and use as you see fit.

Good Things to Write in Letters to Your Best Friend

How do they elevate your life? I have such fond memories of how we navigated the streets like a team and we went the entire trip without even a small argument.

A Letter To A Best Friend

Some examples could be: Thank you for loving me. You know all my secrets, all my wild ambitions. So I thought it was finally time to put pen to paper and tell you how I feel about you. The format is irrelevant as long as it genuinely comes from your heart.

While everyone is counting down the days until summer, I am woefully counting the days until you leave. What do you love about their character, their appearance, or what they fill their life with? Thank you for being my rock, my anchor; for keeping me grounded when I feel like I might otherwise blow away.24 Things You Forgot to Thank Your Best Guy Friend For By Defne Gencler A best guy friend is a rare treasure of a human being that you should never, ever let go of.

You, my best friend, my sister, my partner-in-crime. Even when all I can see is the worst in me, you still see the best. You remind me who I am, and who I want to be. A Letter to the Best Friend Leaving for College By July Alexander - May 18 shares. and our memories will be the best things about high school for me.

Your Best Friend. Lead image credit: Warner Bros. Television. Want to write. If you want your letter to have a sentimental tone, take the time to express the things you adore about your best friend.

Think of the personality characteristics and traits that your best friend possesses and what makes her different from your other friends. Let her know just how special she is.

25 Things You Should Tell Your Best Friend Right Now. Saying "I proooobably couldn't live without you" has never been easier. Find and save ideas about Best friend letters on Pinterest.

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Things to write about to your best friend in a letter
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