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In the past, most species, such as the many kinds of dinosaurs, have not been able to adapt to a changing environment and have become extinct. That is why everybody in a room will eventually smell a person who is wearing excessive perfume or cologne.

After comparing the physical characteristics of the plants, the students compared the chemical molecular characteristics to try to determine which species was the closest molecularly to Botana curus. Note there were two major groups each with a number of subgroups in round 2.

In an investigation, 28 students in a class determined their pulse rates after performing each of three different activities.

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They flow at different rates because some molecules stick adhere to the paper more than other molecules. Once at the ribosome, each RNA codon three bases will code for a particular amino acid molecule. Some of the ones entering are doing the same.

Carbon dioxide is given off by the cell as a waste product. Scientists use a special enzyme that cuts the DNA at specific base sequences.

An indicator is a chemical that produces an observable change if the substance being tested for is present. This 1 2 3 4 laboratory procedure is known as cloning gel electrophoresis chromatography use of a dichotomous key Students will likely need a couple of these notebooks if, like me, you plan to use the bell ringer pages for homework assignments and daily quizzes.

Which molecules did not pass through the membrane? Combining Classroom Management With Content Reinforcement in the Science Classroom Warm ups and bell ringers are definitely a "vintage" idea, but this tried and true classroom management tool is still effective for most classes.

The list goes on and on. Students counted the number of times they could squeeze a clothespin in a minute. Best of all, I love that these notebooks can be purchased during Back-to-School season for only 50 cents. Does the graph support this conclusion? This means that extinction of one species can accelerate the rate of extinction for other species.

The Science Shtuff

That is why many species of sharks, crocodiles and horseshoe crabs have remained virtually unchanged for millions of years.

The heart beats faster. They are not as reliable for determining close relationships as comparing DNA or protein. Use the mRNA codon to determine the amino acid. Base on the chromatography results, which species appears to be most similar to Botana curus?

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Each of the four strips of chromatography paper was placed in a different beaker containing the same solvent for the same amount of time. The Galapagos Islands are located off the coast of South America.

Depending on what structures you are studying, you might establish an evolutionary relationship that does not exist.

I needed a consistent plan of action that my students followed every day that established a certain mindset in my students.

A student squeezed a clothespin as many times as possible in a second time period. Support your answer with data from the test results. In your answer, be sure to include an explanation of: The arrows represent long periods of geologic time.

Explain how increased blood flow helps these muscle cells release more energy. They can be collected and quickly graded, but they are always placed in the student notebook when I return them.

Once you have used some or all of the above methods you can draw a diagram representing the evolutionary relationships between organisms. Some students concluded that exercising before clothespin squeezing increased the number of times the clothespin could be squeezed while other students concluded the opposite.

Next, he walks to a friends house nearby and when he arrives, measures and records his pulse rate again.


The class consisted of 25 freshmen and sophomores, all nice kids, not a bad apple in the bunch.Shop now for science activities and teaching materials for your classroom from Really Good Stuff®/5(K). On the first day of school, I do a really fun ice-breaker activity called Science Chat.

Students are so excited to be in the lab, and NOT listening to a long list of class rules. Students are so excited to be in the lab, and NOT listening to a long list of class rules.

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The science shtuff
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