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It is difficult, in which booth to place the IRA, terrorists or freedom fighters? British media is being watched and read by most of the English speaking part of the world. However their members overlap each other, so that membership in the former does not exclude membership in the other and vice versa.

The definition of freedom fighters used will be a group or person fighting for independence and freedom, with a supportive majority of the people it is fighting for. It is these common people the IRA depend upon for fundraising, especially from the Irish community in the U. The problem of Northern Ireland is that it has a Protestant, unionist majority while Ireland and the island as a whole has a Catholic, republican majority.

There are many examples throughout the history of Ireland that Britain has given the IRA excuses to escalate their threats of violence. Another example is the division of elctoral constituencies in Northern Ireland to secure a Protestant majority as far as possible and as a result to a large extent securing Protestant control of the public offices.

The British Authorities hereby makes a stand of supporting the Protestants instead of letting the marches go through Protestant and mixed neighborhoods and make a point of some sort of neutrality.

Actions such as this is of course incredibly provocative for the Catholic population. To some extent does the British Government as well, in that sense that they do not follow their own law.

Throughout this essay terrorism will be defined as a systematic use of or threat of physical or mental violence against government, publics or individuals to obtain political objectives, without foundation in legally accepted and publicly known courts of law.

Consequently this leads many to have a Pro-British sympathic view in this conflict. A compromise is equivalent to surrender. Terrorism term papers Disclaimer: But the conclusion will be that the IRA will not have, even if Ireland is included, a majority supporting their "war" against Great Britain, and therefore the IRA can not justify the use of terrorist tactics.

To illustrate this one-sided view one can look at the death rates the respectively side are responsible for. The Republicans have always had a strong sense of legacy and historical symbolism.

A well-known Republican, Danny Morrison stated in It is not only the IRA who is using terrorism in this conflict. This objective is pursued on a military level by the IRA and on the political level by the nationalist party, Sinn Fein Ourselves Alone.

They might feel that England is so strong and resourceful in comparison to themselves, that they have to use the strongest mean available: Free essays on Terrorism posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. IRA Terrorist or freedomfighters The IRA Irish Republican Army is an unofficial, paramilitary nationalist organisation whose purpose is to make British rule in Ireland ineffective by the use of armed force and to assist achieving an independent republic the entire island by the unification of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Their enthusiasm is drawn from a number of historical rebellions, most importantly the Easter Rising in This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

You can view samples of our The active 'freedom fighters' or comrades of the movement also got involved in violent activities inside and outside of the mainland Palestine. Most of the formal definitions of terrorism and freedom fighter have some common. Naomi Weir - Is ‘one man’s terrorist another man’s freedom fighter’?

Evaluate the success of attempts to define terrorism Introduction The popular phrase ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ reflects the many problems that the attempt to define terrorism has faced. A freedom fighter will always have the support of the people because at the heart of everything they do is the people.

At the heart of what FARC-EP does is FARC-EP. If they are truly the " Peoples" Army" then why do the people never give them more than 5% of their support in National polls/5(2).

Terrorist or freedom fighter. Terrorism is becoming more and more frequent in the world today. Attacks on countries are increasing every year. Nations around the world impose new bills and laws on a weekly basis trying to prevent terrorist attacks on there countries.4/5(2).

The two terms are orthogonal - "freedom fighter" refers to goals, while "terrorist" refers to tactics. It is possible to be a freedom fighter without being a terrorist, if one is fighting for freedom (instead of e.g.

expansion or genocide) and engaging only military targets. The free Terrorism research paper (Brief Insight Ira Terrorist Or Freedom Fighters essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Terrorism, use the professional writing .

Terrorist or freedom fighter essay writer
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