Standard business reporting programmes

Members should note that adoption of SBR will be voluntary and no legislative changes will occur as a direct result of the initiative. If you submit these statements via the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration or by using your DigiD, nothing will change.

For eHerkenning these are certificates for personal use.

Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

SBR acts as an electronic postbox, in that the information to government only has to be provided once and will then be distributed through the SBR portal to the various government agencies requiring it.

Is SBR mandatory for business managers?

Standard Business Reporting

You cannot use the SBR server certificates for eHerkenning. AUSkey A key way SBR will reduce the burden of business to government reporting is through the use of a single secure sign-on, or common authentication system, for government online services. This will mean a single credential e.

You will need to contact your software supplier to have this checked. This is done via Digipoort, the secure digital communication channel between the government and businesses. The reverse also applies. You can authorise staff members with these certificates.

Adoption of SBR will be voluntary and no legislative changes will occur as a direct result of the initiative. Member can gain access to these modules at http: If you are a foreign company that is not registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, you should contact a CSP for the proper extended purchasing procedure.

The other PKI government certificates are not suited for submitting statements. The data these organisations require, vary.

Requests for statistical data by CBS and credit reports to the banks will be next. This offers accountants, bookkeepers, tax agents and payroll specialists a better way to meet client needs by reducing their reporting requirements to government.

There are 4 types of government PKI certificates: SBR will save you considerable time by reducing tedious data entry, error correction and multiple submissions, allowing you more time and freeing up resources, providing you with a chance to focus on value-add services to help grow your business and that of your clients.

General understanding of SBR SBR for reporting professionals and businesses SBR for software developers Each will explain the background, purpose and components of the initiative as well as demonstrating how business will derive benefits from the program. They are split into three main areas: Removing unnecessary or duplicated information from government forms Using business software to automatically pre-fill forms Adopting a common reporting language, based on international standards and best practice making financial reporting a by-product of natural business processes Providing an electronic interface to agencies directly from accounting software,which will also provide validation and confirm receipt of reports Providing a single secure online sign-on for users to all agencies involved.

Led by the Treasury, the agencies participating in SBR are the: This certificate provides your files with a digital signature and creates a secure connection with Digipoort. You can continue to operate as usual.


The new credential, AUSkey, has been designed and developed in consultation with businesses, their intermediaries, government agencies and software developers. However, you cannot use these personal certificates for SBR. If you submit tax statements or other financial reports using a software package, you need to make sure that your software is suitable for SBR.Standard Business Reporting.

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) offers a quicker and easier way for businesses to complete their government reporting requirements, freeing up valuable time for other business activities. The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) program was launched in August by the Howard Government following consultation by a committee of Commonwealth and state government officials in [1] The Rudd Government has also supported the program, and.

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Federal-state relations - standard business reporting

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Standard Business Reporting Program SBR AU Taxonomy Architecture Version: Page 2 of 29 DOCUMENT CHANGE CONTROL Version number Date of issue. Transparency Breakfast: Standard Business Reporting Join us on Wednesday, December 7 to explore what Standard Business Reporting might look like in the United States.

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a new approach to regulation based on modernizing the way companies report .

Standard business reporting programmes
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