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There are some exceptions to the general right which are, most notably, the right does not apply to corporations which was established in Environmental Protection Authority v Caltex Refining Company Pty Ltd and in cases which rely wholly on circumstantial evidence, as seen in Weissenstiner v The Queen.

PDF Right to Silence - parliament. Causes of ww2 essay introduction. Such protections must be substantial and be available, both at official questioning and at trial.

The right to silence is protected Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In other words, would following the lead of England and Wales result in more proper convictions of guilt or could it consequently lead to an increase in wrongful convictions?

Although Australia has no express constitutional protection for the right to silence, it has been principally preserved by statute and is largely considered by the courts as an important common law right.

Right to silence essay arguments also must be suggesting that Right to silence essay criminal whom uses silence excessively or strategically must be gaining an advantage in the outcome of their case. Section 89 of the Act also establishes that silence includes both selective and complete silence.

Should we adopt a general view of silence, where any silence during questioning, whether relevant or not and whether answered later or not constitutes a silence? Right to remain silent not a given, court says Toronto Star The right to silence in Canada is not an absolute rule that requires police to stop interrogating people who have no The police and some senior judges were quick to suggest that the right of silence should be curtailed in exchange On comparison, we can see that the right to silence in England was once identical in operation to current Victorian law.

The latter category is more likely to be supported in modern debate, which is based around removing the right to silence, but safeguarding notions of a fair trial by protecting the rights of the accused. To weigh the argument on reform in Victoria, firstly it is important to examine the history of the right and its significance in our legal system today.

Essay on right to education pdf. Right afforded to a person accused of a criminal offense against self-incrimination, The right of silence and undermining legal representation at Advice on legislation or legal policy issues contained in this paper is provided for use in parliamentary debate and for related parliamentary purposes.

One final key argument for the removal of the right to silence is because of the ambush defence. It is argued that the accused has an unfair advantage over the accuser, as they are not required to give notice to the police or prosecution.

Finally to conclude, the arguments both for and against such reforms must be analysed. The central question at the heart of the debate on reform, is whether the right protects the guilty or the innocent? In relation to substance, the data we have to assess who uses the right and for what purpose has been clearly divergent.

The significant differences between the legal regimes make it necessary to avoid following the lead of our English counterparts. Criminal Law Assignment Essay - Words The principle right is that of the right to silence and the.

In fact, some of their key findings were completely contrary to this line of reasoning. The issue is particularly prevalent in Australia currently, with New South Wales in the process of passing legislation to end or at least reduce the right to silence.

Although there are valid arguments, both for and against reforms to restrict the right of silence, the greatest issue faced when tackling the central question is that of empirical evidence.

Furthermore, there are few Australian studies on the right to silence and thus we are heavily reliant on studies conducted in the United Kingdom, which in itself raises significant concerns on how such data correlates to Australian law and criminal case outcomes.

This paper is not professional legal opinion. A comparison then must be drawn between Victoria and England, in the way in which the right to silence operates within the differing legal regimes. The English Court of Appeal has qualified this provision to only exclude such an adverse inference in exceptional circumstances on an evidentiary basis or when the accused is under the age of fourteen.

We will write a custom essay sample on The Right to Silence or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The right operates in two different circumstances, as both a primary and secondary right, in that it protects an accused when being interviewed by police and also incidentally when at trial.

The right to silence has evolved from its common law inception to also include police questioning, as stated in Petty v The Queen and is expressed in Victoria by virtue of section 89 of the VIC Evidence Act However, this argument lacks substance and it also completely ignores legitimate reasons for protecting oneself from accidently giving misleading evidence or the lack of ability to answer.Research Papers.

Home Research Papers. The Right to Silence This paper presents an overview of the debate concerning the right to silence, taking as its focus the right to pre-trial silence in the face of police questioning. Its main findings are as follows.

Police Stops And Right To Silence The purpose of this paper is to critically consider how police powers of stop, search and arrest, along with changes to the right to silence, have led to a slow erosion of the rights of the suspect.

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Popular AS and A Level Subjects; Biology (2,) The right of silence long. Under this right, a suspect can refuse to answer the questions posed by the police or courts. The guidelines, relating to the interrogation of suspects by the police, gave effect to this right.

Furthermore, this instrument incorporated a. right to silence never was based as much on a privilege against self- incrimination as on a protection against compulsion of accused persons. Instead, it serves to underline and emphasise a common- sense process which juries have applied for decades and adds another layer of bureaucracy to an already overly bureaucratic system.

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