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Bythe uprisings in the Black Forest, the Breisgau, HegauSundgauand Alsace alone required a substantial muster of 3, foot and horse soldiers. The Alsatian peasants who took to the field at the Battle of Zabern now Saverne numbered 18, Luther vehemently opposed the revolts, writing the pamphlet Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasantsin which he remarks "Let everyone who can, smite, slay, and stab, secretly or openly Not only were they literate, but in the Middle Ages they had produced most books.

Some bishopsarchbishopsabbots and priors were as ruthless in exploiting their subjects as the regional princes. Increased indignation over church corruption had Peasant revolt dbq the monk Martin Luther to post his 95 Theses on the doors of the Castle Church in WittenbergGermany, inas well as impelling other reformers to radically re-think church doctrine and organization.

He criticized both the injustices imposed on the peasants, and the rashness of the peasants in fighting back. On browned paper, an illustration shows men seated in a circle talking. Luther himself declared against the moderate demands of the peasantry embodied in the twelve articles.

Twelve articles clearly and consistently outlined their grievances. Peasants dug ditches around the outer edge of the fort and used timber to close gaps between and underneath the wagons.

Arbitrary road, bridge, and gate tolls were instituted at will. The landsknechte clothed, armed and fed themselves, and were accompanied by a sizable train of sutlersbakers, washerwomen, prostitutes and sundry individuals with occupations needed to sustain the force.

Peasant Revolt DBQ Essay

Over time, some Catholic institutions had slipped into corruption. Luther argued that work was the chief duty on earth; the duty of the peasants was farm labor and the duty of the ruling classes was upholding the peace. The progress of printing especially of the Bible and the expansion of commerceas well as the spread of renaissance humanismraised literacy rates, according to Engels.

However, the clergy was beginning to lose its overwhelming intellectual authority. Their luxurious lifestyle drained what little income they had as prices kept rising.

The princes could only gain, economically, by breaking away from the Roman church and establishing a German church under their own control, which would then not be able to tax them as the Roman church did.

Officers were usually elected, particularly the supreme commander and the leutinger. They were quite mobile, but they also had drawbacks: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They gradually usurped the common lands and made it illegal for peasants to fish or to log wood from these lands.

However, despite the secular nature of nineteenth century humanism, three centuries earlier Renaissance humanism had still been strongly connected with the Church: Like the princes, they sought to secure revenues from their peasants by any possible means.

The justice system, operated by the clergy or wealthy burgher and patrician jurists, gave the peasant no redress. Some bands could Peasant revolt dbq about 4,; others, such as the peasant force at Frankenhausencould gather 8, This sometimes meant producing supplies for their opponents, such as in the Archbishopric of Salzburgwhere men worked to extract silver, which was used to hire fresh contingents of landsknechts for the Swabian League.

He could not support the Peasant War because it broke the peace, an evil he thought greater than the evils the peasants were rebelling against. The plebeians did not have property like ruined burghers or peasants. The burghers also opposed the clergy, whom they felt had overstepped and failed to uphold their principles.

People in all layers of the social hierarchy—serfs or city dwellers, guildsmen or farmers, knights and aristocrats—started to question the established hierarchy.

The knights also regarded the clergy as arrogant and superfluous, while envying their privileges and wealth. Oberster feldhauptmannor supreme commander, similar to a coloneland lieutenants, or leutinger. Each landsknecht maintained its own structure, called the gemein, or community assembly, which was symbolized by a ring.

No revenues collected were subject to formal administration, and civic accounts were neglected. Like the landsknechts, the peasant bands used similar titles: In addition to this democratic construct, each band had a hierarchy of leaders including a supreme commander and a marshal schultheisswho maintained law and order.

The patricians consisted of wealthy families who sat alone in the town councils and held all the administrative offices. In the early 16th century, no peasant could hunt, fish, or chop wood freely, as they previously had, because the lords had recently taken control of common lands. Ruined burghers also joined their ranks.

A single Swabian contingent, close to horse and 1, foot soldiers, however, could not deal with the size of the disturbance.

The council rejected many of the demands.Dissecting the DBQ German Peasants’ Revolt The Question: Identifying the task Analyze the causes of and the responses to the peasants’ revolts in the German states, The peasant revolts in late were constructed by peasants, craftsmen, and poor soldiers - Peasant Revolt DBQ introduction.

Although the cause of these peasant revolts were constant, there are several responses from the German states. Some German’s saw the attacks as too intense, others such as nobles viewed the revolts as devious, and others. The German Peasants' War, Great Peasants' War or Great Peasants' Revolt (German: Deutscher Bauernkrieg) was a widespread popular revolt in some German-speaking areas in.

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German Peasants' War

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