Modal verbs writing activities

You are the presidential candidate for your country. They do not write their names on the paper so the problems remain anonymous. More advanced students could also rewrite a text using different modal verbs in order to sound more confident, or less confident.

Modal verbs 2 – tips and activities

These cues could be spoken, or written on cards, which you can show the students, e. Then they read out the problem and the answer. Each student then chooses a problem and must write a piece of advice in response.

10 Fun ESL Activities to Practice Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Place the rules on the wall and the class votes for their favourite society. Modal verb drill To focus on form and meaning, you can set up a drill like the following. Give them the names of places e. If their partner correctly guesses the job, he or she gets the number of points indicated next to the clue.

Finally, there should be a 2 hour slot in the diary and only when the journalist guesses it can the appointment be made. In pairs get the students to role-play a scene with a principal and a new student. Look for some wacky and unusual stories from the internet such as the woman who lifted a car, 20 times her weight, to free her trapped friend.

Their partner listens to the clue and guesses what the job could be. When the students have finished writing, the pairs take it in turns to read out their sentences to another pair. Ask students to bring in 10 random objects each. Split class into groups of 4.

The students then discuss which laws surprised them the most. Students also explain the reason for each rule. Afterwards, the groups give feedback to the class on their findings. In their groups, students use the prompts in the first column of the table on the worksheet to create a set of rules.

Or ask students to read their rules and have a vote instead. Finally, the groups explain their rules to the class and the class tries to agree on one modal verbs writing activities of rules for the hotel.

What does it give if you delete can altogether? Continue, giving other cues.May 20,  · These special verbs are used to communicate suggestions, offers, ability, possibility, certainty, advice, necessity, invitations and permission.

Some are more formal than others; many can mean the same thing; with others you have to be careful because the modals change the meaning of the mi-centre.coms: 6. A modal verb (also modal, modal auxiliary verb, modal auxiliary) is a type of auxiliary verb that is used to indicate modality -- that is, likelihood, ability, permission, and obligation.

The use of auxiliary verbs to express modality is /5(8). Modal Verbs, Printable modals exercises and worksheets. Discover ideas about Verb Worksheets. Modal Verbs, Printable modals exercises and worksheets.

Verb Worksheets English Tips English Class English Grammar Teaching Writing Teaching Writing with Modal Verbs Worksheets See more. Modal Verbs Worksheets A modal verb is a type of auxiliary verb that is used to indicate modality that is likelihood, ability, permission, and obligation. Common modal verbs include: can / could, may / might, must, will / would, and shall / should.

Modal Verbs Worksheets - showing all 8 printables. Worksheets are Modals, M, Modal verbs can may must have to exercise 1, M, Verbs 2 modal verbs 03 modal verbs.

ESL Modal Verbs of Obligation and Prohibition Activity - Matching and Writing - Pre-intermediate - 25 minutes In this useful modal verbs activity, students practice expressing obligation and prohibition by joining sentence parts together to make a set of school rules.

Modal verbs writing activities
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