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The proximity to the river Niger and presence of fertile lands furthered the cultivation of food crops for general consumption of the people of the Mali Empire including those living in the far north of the river and oasis towns which occurred in the desert across trade routes.

This allowed them to trade with Islamic people and eventually adopted Islam as a predominant religion. This Mali empire essay people to practice freely and without force.

Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Essay

Columbia University Press, ; Conrad, David. During this time only the Mongol Empire China exceed Mali in size. In a Songhai army routed the Malians and their emperor from their capital, Niani. Mali used slaves to cultivate farmlands where rice, sorghum, beans, millet, papaya, cotton, and peanuts were grown.

In Sundiata Keita, the leader of one of these states, Kangaba, defeated its principal rival, the neighboring kingdom of Susu, Mali empire essay began consolidating power in the region.

Under the rule of Genghis Khan, other civilizations experienced massacre and destruction. The mansa reserved the exclusive right to dispense justice and to tax both local and international trade.

This empire was established on the basis of monopolization of trade and occupied large parts of West Africa and north of the forested region.

Under the Mali empire essay of Sundiata Mali became a huge empire, where he acted as the religious and ruler of the land.

Half of the Moroccan army died of thirst and starvation as they crossed the Sahara. The Mali empire developed from the state of Kangaba, on the Upper Niger River east of the Fouta Djallonand is said to have been founded before ad They established the Jolof Empire around They differed with their use of violence as a method of conquering and their origins.

Sundjata, the hero, seemed to have both the power of Allah and the traditional African nature gods on his side.

The livestock of the Mali included cattle, goats, poultry, and sheep Shillington, p. Mahmud al-Kati, who wrote a major history of the Songhai, claimed that Askia lived for some years. A difference between the two, however, was that Mali was influenced by Islam, while the Mongols did not experience massive influence from a single religion.

Climate change had a dramatic impact on West Africa as the center of power moved from near Ghana in the north, to Mali in the center, to the Songhai farther in the south.

Accounts tell how he was treated as an animal and taunted by other children. It could be argued that this tolerant fusion of West African and Muslim civilization made Mali one of the most advanced civilizations in the world.

Firearms gave the Moroccan army a significant advantage when the Moroccan sultan Ahmed al-Mansur invaded the Songhai during the s c.

The Mali empire arose through relatively peaceful methods. Also, while the Mongols brutally attacked already established states, Mali arose by much more peaceful methods, even though warfare did happen, and it arose from regional kingdoms.

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Another similarity in the rise of the Mongol Empire and the Mali Empire was their cultural development through trade. Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were successful and well-organized states that overcame tribal divisions and fused traditional beliefs with the universal ambitions of Islam.

You might choose to consider these very different sources in a discussion of historical methodology or you might argue why both types of sources are essential to an appreciation of early West African history.

The three options below provide a guide or starting point as your formulate your own argument.

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The Mongol empire rose by the conquests of other established states and empires. Many people were brutally killed with no mercy shown by the military might of the mongols. Beginning as a series of small successor trading states, Ancient Ghanathe empire grew to encompass the territory between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Chada distance of nearly 1, miles.

Ghana, Mali and Songhay. You are encouraged to consult with me in advance to ensure that your idea is feasible. Make certain that your essay meets all of the requirements listed below. Nevertheless, Ghana remained strong until it was annexed by Mali, an even wealthier and larger trading empire that formed south of Ghana.

Between and Mansa Musathe most famous of the Malian Emperors, made an elaborate pilgrimage to Mecca in Arabiabringing thousands of followers and hundreds of camels carrying gold. The death of Mansa Musa c.

Mali Empire

The successors of Sundjata, including a former palace slave named Sakura, expanded and consolidated the empire, conquering the cities of Timbuktu and Gao.

Palgrave, ; Kent Glenzer, Dorothea E. Sundiata was the one who introduced cultivation and weaving of cotton in the empire. See Article History Alternative Titles: He was also referred to as the guardian of the ancestors.

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After his victory Sundjata united the Mandinke chieftains and gained control over all the southern ends of the trans-Saharan trading routes.The rise on the Mali empire and the Mongol empire both had large effects on their regions where they were located.

While the rising of both empires resulted from their enforcement of religious tolerance, Islam was the main religion in Mali, while in the Mongol empire, complete religious tolerance existed with no predominant religion exerting itself.4/4(1). The Mali Empire essay, buy custom The Mali Empire essay paper cheap, The Mali Empire essay paper sample, The Mali Empire essay sample service online.

Timbuktu was established by the Taureg, a nomadic group, in the tenth- eleventh century along the caravan routes that were along the west coast of Africa (New World Encyclopedia ). This sample Mali Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

As an empire Mali flourished in Africa from the first half of the thirteenth century to the early fifteenth century, controlling territory from the mouth of the Senegal River on the Atlantic to the salt mines of Tadmekka in the Sahara.

The Empire of Mali Introduction In its peak, the people of Mali occupied land as far west as the Atlantic Ocean. They also traveled as far east as Gao, the capital of the Songhai, as far south as the Niger bend, and as far north as the Sahara desert.

They built a great empire between and /5(3). Even though the Mongol Empire and the Mali Empire were on to separate continents they had key idea in the rise of their empire that resembled each other.

The Mali and the Mongol empire both raised their empires on the sense of religious tolerance and they both accomplished cultural growth through trade. However they differed [ ].

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