Issues and challenges facing nurses nursing essay

The form asks for the practices address and a description of the practice and patient population Maryland Board of Nursing, Other Nursing Ethics Concerns Cultural diversity and caring for people with different values and traditions, and accepting their rituals, can present challenges in the practice setting, Turner explained.

3 Big Problems Facing Nursing Today

General Hospital over staffing levels and wages. She is developing models and tools to allow such discussions to take place where everyone can feel comfortable speaking up.

With few nurses choosing it a career the gap between demand and supply is increasing. The Maryland Board of Nursing supplies a form on its Website for this written agreement.

Additionally, parents opting to not vaccinate pose a challenge for school nurses. Nurses in the developing and poor nations prefer to migrate mainly due to fulfilling Issues and challenges facing nurses nursing essay economic needs.

It is also necessary to balance ethical considerations, with professional values and relevant laws that is governing nursing. Technology keeps evolving and blurring traditional values about privacy and boundaries. Compensation for nurses is a phenomenon contributing to the gravity of nursing shortage.

If a nurse practitioner prescribes for an individual who is not a patient of the practice described, then the prescribing is outside of the written agreement, and therefore is not authorized by law. Aside from acute injury, nurses are also likely to suffer harm to their hands.

Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research. Furthermore, nurses working shifts of 10 hours or longer were up to 2. Access to care and affordable and equitable care present ethical dilemmas for nurses as they try to make that happen in their communities.

When physicians forego the doctor-patient relationship, should they elect to self-prescribe or curbside? Nurses experience more than 35, injuries involving the back, hands, shoulders and feet each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But in a number of cases, nurses must work back-to-back or extended shifts, risking fatigue that could result in medical mistakes. Pavlish found nurses also were concerned that patients and families were not fully informed about treatment options and their clinical prognosis and whether the patient voice was represented.

Nurses face a number of workplace hazards each day while just doing their jobs. They may not be responsible for it in isolation, but they are literally at the center of this issue. They should take the lead and drive the agenda. They help patients understand their care, involve families in decision-making, coordinate multidisciplinary care, sit with patients to explain complex diagnoses, and even, occasionally, have time to offer a quick hug or hand to hold.

Furthermore, several compensation issues are being confronted by the nurses that also impede the quality of work. Although, overall wage-rate in nursing profession is comparatively low, yet it is still competitive and lucrative for the people in other parts of the world.

Protecting nurses goes beyond their hands. At Penn, nurses generate between one-third and one-half of the ethics consults. She explained that ethical concerns may change as the nurse matures in his or her role.

Essay on Issues with Nursing

Originally published on NurseZone. Nurses working in non-acute care settings, such as schools and prisons, have concerns related to bedside nurses but they can differ, Turner explained.

In Maryland, a nurse practitioner is authorized to prescribe under the terms of a written agreement with a physician.

The aging workforce with most of the baby boomers reaching old age, increase in population, and increased demand for healthcare services are not matched with the number of nurses entering the occupation increasing the rate of shortage.

Money Back Guarantee We do our best to make our customers satisfied with the result. Therefore compensation issues along with retirement benefits such as pension are creating shortage of nurses, increasing high rate of turnover and mobility to other professions impacting quality and quantity of healthcare services.

Possible Solutions to the Problems The issues discussed above creating shortage of nurses and affecting quality of healthcare services can be addressed by providing temporary and long-term solutions. Did the patient or family feel cared for? Barnett Shortage of Nurses and Unsatisfactory Working Conditions As discussed above, compensation, bonus, and different other benefit issues have become the major reasons for the shortfall of nurses affecting quality of healthcare.

Your best nurses instinctively know this. Pension schemes offered by the institutions focus on providing affordable as well as sustainable incomes to the people after retirement.

End-service benefits including pension should be compatible with other professions. Although, shortage of nurses is not a new phenomenon, yet the problem has increased significantly for the last few years.3 Big Problems Facing Nursing Today. On Jul 11, Being that nurses represent the majority of the workforce, however many problems exist and most are becoming worse due to lack of legislation to address these issues.

Three big problems nursing is facing today are the hospital staffing crisis due to increased healthcare costs. Challenges Facing The Health Care Industry.

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: instead of just focusing on the traditional challenges facing leadership and manager in healthcare organization, this survey will look at how leaders and managers must do with the 21st century healthcare challenges.

Nursing Essay. Top 5 Challenges Facing Nursing in Posted by Pat Magrath. Tue, May 01, @ AM Here's a quick rundown of the most pressing issues for Nursing in 1. Advanced degrees are no longer optional the profession is focusing on ways to engage nurses in lifelong learning so that associate degree nurses can find realistic ways.

The challenges I see facing the nursing profession is patient healthcare due to nursing shortage. With the shortage of nurses, there is an increase in the patient to nurse ratio. With more patients, a nurse has less time to spend with each patient, which causes a decrease in the quality of care to all patients.

Despite nurses’ important role in the health care area, registered nurses have to face several difficulties and challenges.

Problems Faced by Registered Nurses: A person has to graduate from a university or college in a nursing program and also have to pass the national licensing program to become a registered nurse. The role of.

The Top Ethical Challenges for Nurses

The Top Ethical Challenges for Nurses. By Debra Wood, RN, contributor How to Deal with Ethical Issues in Nursing Where can nurses find help for their ethical dilemmas?

5 of the biggest issues nurses face today

Ulrich also suggested providing unit-based ethics mentors who could help nurses think through the ethical dilemmas when facing them. She advocated for more creative.

Issues and challenges facing nurses nursing essay
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