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The water molecules slowed down really fast after heat energy was taken away. By keeping the test tubes well insulator the water molecules should be zooming around in the water at the same speed for a longer time with all that trapped heat energy. This is to make data easy to read and understand.

Key factors In my investigation the things I can change, which are the dependent variables is the volume of water used because this will depend on how fast the water will heat up and lose heat. These are the independent variables. Plus all results will be immediately recorded as soon as collected, so no results are left out.

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This was carried out to see how long the water cooled down without using any insulators. The boiling tubes were then timed for 26 minutes; the temperature was taken every 2 minutes.

I shall not use any black objects for insulation because black will radiate the heat greatly. I could also change how much of the materials I will use, but they will be the same amount for each to make it fair.

These will be insulation essay writer to be manipulated but still keeping the test fair. All the tables will have relevant headings temperature, time and material and then put onto graphs of best suit and make sure that everything has been checked and looked at so any anomalies.

First practical part of the experiment which was done was heating the water with the Bunsen burner which took a few minutes. Lastly the time will be measured in minutes. Bubble wrap, foaming and cotton wool can be used as an insulator because it will trap heat in air pockets and air is a poor conductor of heat, hence it will be a good insulator.

To make my results accurate I will keep a good eye on the time and make sure the temperature should be taken when needed. The dependent variables will be the different materials and how much you use. Equipment used was a thermometer, Polystyrene foaming, 2 beakers, 2 boiling tubes, measuring cylinder, and stop clock.

Method Firstly equipment was got out and primed for use for the experiment. Plus I filled the second beaker with polystyrene foaming, which would hold the boiling tube number 2. I will also need to control the starting temperature of the water, even though it will be hard to get the exact temperature.

Then made all the readings were correct and then we packed away the equipment after 26 minutes. I can change what I heat up the water with maybe a Bunsen burner or a kettle.

I will take measurements for the temperature at the start and end of the test. This experiment was taken another 2 times to get a wider range of results which would help on the accuracy of the averages which will be plotted on a line of best fit graph. I think though it will result in the end being really close though and maybe another insulator will be better.

Though bubble wrap has lots of trapped air in the bubbles which makes it a good insulator. Prediction I predict that polystyrene will be the best insulator against all the others. From this preliminary work, I know that I will need to keep as much heat energy in the water so it only drops fractionally over a longer period of time.

Why will insulators affect how long a test tube of hot water stays hot? I will use 10cm2 of polystyrene foaming. I filled the second beaker to the brim with polystyrene foaming.

Also if the independent variables are changed then the dependent variables outcome will make the experiment unfair.

I will use 40ml of water in the each boiling tube. I will have to bung up the end of the test tube as well because heat will be lost by convection currents. My neat results will be recorded on graphs and big clear tables which will have the corresponding units as well for each measurement.

Preliminary work A small experiment has already been carried out. I have found information from the internet, that the polystyrene will be the best in insulator.What to Expect From Custom Essay Writing?

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Insulation - Before we look at insulation we must see how thermal energy moves. Writing; Investigating Insulation Essay; Investigating Insulation Essay. Words 3 Pages. Investigating Insulation Aim: To find out what type of insulation holds the most heat for a can containing heated water.

PLAN What factors will you be changing? The types of insulation. Insulation An insulator is something that slows down the rate of heat transfer. The amount of thermal energy escaping from a house can be reduced by using domestic insulation systems that work by reducing the effects of.

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