Gerald caiden the meaning of public administration

It capitalises the past experience and, after taking lessons from the past, it decides the future course of action. The state has to now serve all sections of people in the society.

Naturally, the type of reform depends upon several factors. The revolutionaries, in order to execute their policies, schemes and ideas changed the old administrative system.

In this context, Wilsonian definition of the subject as efficiency promoting and pragmatic field was the first explicitly articulated statement on the importance of a separate discipline of public administration.

Woodrow Wilson Public administration is the detailed and systematic application of law. Apart from the reasons cited the rapid growth of population, modern warfare, increase in natural and manmade disasters, decline in social harmony, increase in violence due to conflicts, communal riots, ethnic wars, terrorism, etc.

It should not be allowed to persist. Thus, the scope of public administration is very wide in modern state. In this background he said: No government can exist without administration.

It touches them at every step. In this context we can reflect the definition offered by F. The administrative reform is not a day to day affair. They are the common problems of management which are found in different agencies regardless of the nature of the work they do.

This is a normal procedure and it is adopted everywhere. At the same time, the rulers of the new states realised that the old system of public administration could not be jettisoned.

The public will also agree with the authority. Viewed from this perspective the public administration can never remain static.

The authority advises the person or department concerned to behave properly. It is impossible to control it by ways of direct democracy. People may not cooperate with the authority.

This may be regarded as the beginning of public administration. In his analysis of decision-making reform proposals also fall in the category of decision-making Lindblom makes a distinction between Branch Method and Root Method.

Though academic institutions enjoy autonomy, they are not outside the purview of general public administration.

Gerald Caiden

Viewed from this perspective we can say that administrative reform includes numerous issues. Popper thought that this was the best way.

Instead it decrees a change in organisational structure or jurisdiction as a beginning and counts on this. The other reason was that, as far as practicable, the public administration must be efficient and moral or ethical.

It has been found that the public administrators or bureaucrats do not always behave properly with the people or clients. Hence the concern of academic inquiry would be to understand the impact of government policies and operations on society.

Public administration has a special status in the developing countries. The administrative system of a state can never be permanent or be applicable to all cases.Professor Caiden has research and teaching interests in several areas of public administration, notably comparative and development administration, administrative theory, and the study of maladministration and bureaupathology.

african association for public administration and management 26th aapam annual roundtable conference, whitesands hotel, mombasa, kenya 7th – 11th march, theme: the enabling state and the role of the.

Gerald Caiden The Meaning Of Public Administration Discuss the various meanings, concepts of and ideas on Public Administration as a field of study and practice. “ Public Administration as defined is the organization and Management of men and materials to achieve the purposes of government.”.

Scope of Public Administration as a Discipline Wilsonian definition of the subject as efficiency promoting and pragmatic field was the first explicitly articulated statement on the importance of a separate discipline of public administration. According to Gerald Caiden public administration has assumed the following crucial roles in.


Caiden shows how the study of administrative reform can contribute substantially to the development of administrative theory, and constructs a working definition of the phenomenon of administrative reform, distinguishing it from social change and from administrative change.

The Dynamics of Public Administration: Guidelines to Current Transformations in Theory and Practice. Caiden, Gerald E.

Gerald caiden the meaning of public administration
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