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On the microeconomic level, the construction sector was regarded as the sector that would experience the most dynamic development in the pre-event phase and the event year, while transport and communication sectors and personal services industries were estimated to be the biggest beneficiaries in the post-event phase.

As many possible developments should be made to prevent any lacks during the World Cup. A main purpose of such a review should be to have an in-depth insight into a research topic and to gain a detailed understanding of the problem Kummar, In the context of the following project, a literature review had two main goals.

If tourists have bad experiences during the World Cup for example with: In fact, the Essays on the world cup 2010 Cups added only 0. In it was estimated that approximatelytourist would visit during the World Cup period, who on average would stay 14 days and spend R22, The present South African law considers sex work a crime, and it has been debated whether or not sex work should be made legal in the country as a solution to the expected illegal acts of prostitution during the World Cup.

It is crucial to note that the World Cup led to the greater income inequality within a country, as they mostly benefited large companies and their management teams rather than casual workers.

Instead, it deepened the inequalities across the country.

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Also retail sector became a beneficiary, as retail spending rose by R million 0. Additionally, in spite of widely available labour force in developing countries, the quality and skills of them mostly do not meet the requirements.

Realising the social science research imagination. Skinner states that on account of the World Cup a long term benefit is that South Africa can expect between and more foreign visits a year. Nonetheless, most of these jobs had a temporary character and disappeared as soon as the projects were completed.

The World Banka Database He postulated that the Games were notable success and had a major impact on the urban regeneration and the general attractiveness of the city. It is important to identify all the possible impacts so that all required preparations can be made.

Moreover, the amount of money directed on infrastructure investments seems to be insignificant compared to R billion that the national government planned to spend on public infrastructure investment programme Detwyler claims that more people mean more environmental problems.

A crime strategy should be proposed to reduce the chance of high crime incidences during the World Cup. Similarly, South Africa aims to attract approximately R billion of foreign investments between and TradeMark, The expenses the tourists will have during the World Cup for example: In order to achieve this goal the estimated costs and benefits of such a mega-event in South Africa, prepared by Grant Thornton have been compared with actual economic performance of South Africa.

It is estimated that the average wage gap between the low-paid worker and senior official in the construction companies increased from in to in The official unemployment rate decreased from This paradigm assumes that the world is objective and can be explained with logical analysis.

Nonetheless, the research showed that in short term the World Cup has significantly smaller effect on the national economy than it was projected. While the event contributed to the dynamic development of the infrastructure within a country, it had relatively low influence on overall economic growth and employment stability.

The whole world will observe South Africa during the World Cup, because the international media will focus on South Africa and any mishaps that might take place.

2010 Fifa World Cup Impacts

Indeed, approximatelySouth Africans were hired directly in World Cup-related jobs, while additionaljobs were indirectly created by the event Sylvester and Hajru, Due to a good planning, organization and event management, the World Cup was recognized as a great success by the international community.

Activities such as using drugs, prostitution, drinking in public areas, excessive drinking, drunk driving, fighting, deconstruction of property, raping, murder and other forms of crime might take place.

Barriers The tourists that will visit the country will come from different backgrounds and will most probably speak languages that most South Africans do not understand.

Between and the costs of construction materials i. Lacks The lack of transport, accommodation, water and electricity, entertainment, food, supplies and tourism facilities will definitely create discomfort and disappointment to the people who attend the event.

The experience of South Africa in reference to World Cup seems to confirm results of the research presented by Mathenson and Baade that in the economic terms hosting mega-events is not profitable for developing country. Including student tips and advice.Fifa World Cup The FIFA World Cup, often simply the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football.

Essay Nike Football: World Cup South Africa Nike Football: World Cup South Africa Nike Football revenue had grown from $40 million in to more than $1 billion in In just under 15 years, it had reached a sales level that took some of its competitors over 50 years to achieve.

FIFA World Cup South Africa The Social, Economical and Political Impacts Communication: Outcome 2 Summative Assessment Graeme Boyle November Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Introduction 3 2. Apr 02,  · Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Cup How Does the Influx of Money from World Cup Impact the Hospitality Sector in Brazil?

The hospitality sector in Brazil is being deeply affected by the influx of money from the announcement of the World Cup (Brazil, ).

The World Cup will be played June 11th through July 11th in South Africa. This will be the first time the World Cup has been held in Africa. The future World Cup of will be held in Brazil. This will be the first time the World Cup will be held in South America since The trophy for the World Cup was named for Jules Rimet.

- On December 2,announced FIFA President FIFA Joseph Sepp Blatter granted Qatar the honor of hosting the FIFA World Cup inwill be the most popular competition in the Middle East for the first time in tournament history of 92 years.

Essays on the world cup 2010
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