Eastern and western education

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are some common religions honed in the Western world. In the East, seniors often tell us to equip ourselves so that we will have the ability to help others after becoming an adult, but the West lets students participate in charity work since childhood or adolescence and this gradually becomes one of their habits.

BUT what is the next Theme to follow in order to sustain this growth? This gives them the motivation to follow their interest with passion which drives them to become leaders in their chosen field.

Students of the Western education system, on the contrary, participate more in class. HuaWei also made possible for continuos cellphone connection inside the London Tube metro in time for the Summer Olympics. Western education produces people who are able to make choices more consistent with their own true interests.

Unlike the Eastern system, in the Western education system, mistakes are considered positive. Or, in the polar Eastern and western education of the spectrum, they may only value grades for face-value and do not care so much for actually digesting what they learn in the classroom.

In the East, every student is equal; they are given equal opportunities for learning. Therefore, they ultimately achieve more satisfying lives. It was only later that China was to enjoy this Western pollination of technology by attracting Western, Japanese,Taiwanese and Korean industries to joint venture production and research that catapulted China into a significant techological giant today.

Which system of education is better: Western or Eastern?

Without reform in education, without emphasis on Humanities, or maintaining a close family unit where the child lives with parents at home so that the parents may nurture the child development, the promotion of neighborhood activities and not just limited to Hukou or single child inspection, encouragement in promoting physical, emotional and ethical strength.

You can copy this html code and paste on your website. Also, a person is given preference over family, so a person is more flexible and free to take decisions on his own, unlike those in the East.

In actual fact, there is so much we can do even if we are only seventeen or eighteen. Effort is emphasized upon, but not too much on standardized testing, as their Eastern counterparts are.

Or download the culture infographic here and upload to a site of your choice. There are tons of school rules to follow and students are expected to line up like troops when attending assembly. The West often sees the individual as the sole entity for inquiry, discovery and success.

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In contrast to Eastern schools faulting students and their families for academic failure, disappointing returns from Western students are often made the fault of institutions who have failed to support their learning. This is vitally important as it influences our choices and responses in life beyond school.

Western education encourages people to pursue their true interests, producing a broad range of skills and areas of expertise. This prevents those with special talents from developing into professionals.

I noticed that recently teachers tried to train us in the ability to analyze and organize information we receive, but exams put pressure on students to ignore this, since memorizing information is the key to winning points.

That is the reason Asian students are frequently considerably more profitable than their peers when they get into more casual Western educational institutions. It was only after the McCarthy witchhunt of communist in the early s that the Mainland Chinese genre of education is severely curtailed but morphed into a general theme of loving China.

These hybrid technologies are cutting edge such as micro-thin electronic circuit wafers, special performance metals for heavy equipment and stocks to use for the Maglev high speed train and furnaces. In the end, all we are best at doing is scoring high in exams or getting a diploma.

Differences Between the Two Another interrelated difference between Eastern and Western education is how learning itself is seen as a mean to an end. Originality and extracurricular activities are highlighted and encouraged, activities like a donation contest, visiting an orphanage or building houses for the poor.

One of the biggest points of contrast between the two approaches is how students see their role in their own learning. Hybrid Chemical processing industries that are catalyst enhanced, lower environmental impact, low energy footprint. They are normally arranged by parents or elders.

Nippongo and to small extent Korean are hybrid combination of phonetics and pictographs.

The Differences Between Eastern and Western Education

I disagree that China do not have its homegrown invention Eastern systems often instill moral value in education.Continuing Education For Healthcare Professionals.

My profession is: Western Schools follows stringent standards for curriculum planning, development & presentation. Courses are scientific, evidence-based, and written and peer-reviewed by highly-credentialed experts in their field. It's said that East and West can never meet up.

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As they differ in history, religion, political system and so on; differences are clearly seen in Eastern and Western ways to deal with education. Find out more in this article about East West Differences! Eastern Washington University is a recipient of the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Read More.

You Will Dig Archaeology Day Fourteen teams represent EWU. Men’s teams at Eastern include football, basketball, cross country, tennis and indoor/outdoor track and field.

EASTERN EDUCATION AND WESTERN EDUCATION by Jesslyn C People tend to think that Westerners are more confident and creative, while. It is not a secret that western education and eastern education are different in many aspects.

In this article the author compared both educational systems to point out the main differences between them. Eastern and Western Africa. Vice President for this Region: Ayonmike Chinyere Shirley (Mrs.) Ph.D - Nigeria.

Dr. (Mrs.) Ayonmike, Chinyere Shirley is a Lecturer in the Department of Technical and Business Education, Delta State University, Abraka Nigeria.

Eastern and western education
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