Driving a car or riding a motorcycle essay

Riding is about fashion - the way men and women look in leather, the lean look of a sports bike rider in a full body suit, the rebellious look of a cruiser owner all dressed in black. The automobile has become ubiquitous, its use an automatic reflex.

Riding is not for the dull-witted. For a motorcyclist, these can represent a serious, even lethal threat. Motorcyclists are not immune from stupidity, of course. A passenger car used by people, to go to office, shopping malls, and to vacation destinations along with family members is what comes to mind when we hear the word car.

Riding a Bike vs Driving a Car

You can do that on the following pages: No one sees you. Late in the evening, my then-wife and I sat at a small fire, enjoying the beauty of the late sunset over the mountains and its reflection on the still water. Speed limits are annoyances best ignored in our rush to get to and from locations, not regulations or requirements.

Unlike in a car, you cannot ride without awareness. Without the car, you are immobilized - there is little or no shopping outside the distant malls.

Riding is about taking that side road out of the traffic stream just to see where it goes. It is no wonder we are seeing increasing numbers of accidents and deaths on our roads: Driving has all the passion of watching paint dry. Brakes are located by the handlebars on a bicycle, while the brakes are located by the feet when driving.

The age of those killed in crashes has increased too. We are vulnerable when we ride, to both the physical and emotional realities of the world. These next few steps to riding a bike with perfection are much different than learning how to drive a car.

Radio stations make sure you get the same dose of familiarity on the drive to and from work as you would simply sitting at home.

We speed along, uncaring when we run over cats or squirrels on local roads. On a motorcycle, the real world is never excluded from the experience of travelling. Cars almost all look alike today, pumped out with Stalinist conformity that bludgeons the senses.Driving a car is like watching scenery on television; Riding a motorcycle is like walking through the scenery in reality with all of your senses; Whether one is better than another is up to personal preference.

For one hundred years, land-speed records have fallen here. Now, the question isn’t how fast they can go, but how much longer this ecological wonder will even exist. Autoblog brings you automotive news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video.

Difference Between Car and Motorcycle

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Best of all,Motorcycle riding gets you out in the fresh air. However, as usual for every plus there is a minus. One disadvantage is, if you got a traffic accident %70 you would be die.

Driving a car or riding a motorcycle essay
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