An analysis of the statistics of gay students and the reasons for the trend

All in all, while tolerance is on the rise, the younger generations in particular think that same-sex relations and same-sex marriage are not only morally acceptable, but should also be legalized by the authorities.

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While a remarkable majority of Americans still believed that identifying as gay or lesbian was due to upbringing or environmental factors a few years ago, the notion of sexual orientation not being a choice or acquired trait that can be stripped off has been gaining momentum recently.

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Instagram audiences are predominantly young — recent U. In the United States, same-sex marriage is allowed in some states such as New York, Connecticut, or New Hampshirewhile others recognize same-sex marriages but do not perform them.

Sep 24, - Internet Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide This statistic presents a ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts as of Septembersorted by the highest numbers of followers.

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U.S. Homosexuality - Statistics & Facts

Active users are those which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days. Super Bowl wins by team The statistics ranks the teams of the National Football League by the number of Super Bowl titles won from to Homosexuality is still a controversial topic in the United States, but polls and surveys regarding its moral acceptability or the legalization of same-sex marriage show an obvious trend towards acceptance and tolerance of the LGBT community among the American population.

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It is projected that the numbers will be gradually decreasing to reach 4. Brands are keen to reach Instagram audiences as users of the social network show high engagement rates with the displayed content. This text provides general information. In the third quarter ofthe number of active Facebook users had surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so.

President Barack Obama supported same-sex marriage openly during his re-election campaign inalmost half of all surveyed Republicans predictably stated their opinion of him had had become less favorable, however, a remarkable total majority of all polled Democrats, Independents and Republicans together said that his statement had no effect on their opinion at all, a stance shared by the general public.

Spring data reveals that Instagram is also one of the second-most important social networks of teenage internet users and one of the most-visited social networks among teenagers in the United States.

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The Gay and Lesbian Market in the U.S.: Trends and Opportunities in the LGBT Community, 6th Edition The most profound trend affecting the gay and lesbian market may be - Market research report and industry analysis - Discover all facts and statistics on Homosexuality (gays and lesbians) in the U.S.

on! homosexuality gay Recommended searches related to Homosexuality. Statistics You Should Know About Gay & Transgender Students Reliable estimates indicate that between 4 and 10% of the population is gay, which means in a public school system of more than one million, like New York City’s, there are at least 40, togay .

An analysis of the statistics of gay students and the reasons for the trend
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