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But having a stethoscope and an electric shock machine as medical equipments, as well as a modern-looking wheelchair for the king, is surely out of time.

The romance scene between the characters did not show any difference from any of the other plays or even movies. It showcased and celebrated the Filipino ingenuity and excellence in the field of arts despite economic constraints.

Similar to the original story, Don Juan ended up being with Maria Clara. It greatly contributed to the performance and showed how a play can be enhanced even on a tight budget. Worse he turned into a stone when the lovely bird pooped on him.

He cut Adarna bird summary essay rope when the prince went down inside the well to get the ring Donya Leonora has forgotten.

The youngest prince has climbed through Mount Tabor. One of the interesting difference in this production, unlike in any other productions, was that the actors and actresses have multiple characters to play as even each character was played by two or more actors or actresses.

A short analysis of DUP’s Ibong Adarna Essay

So King Fernando tasked his three sons to hunt the magical bird. They were already boring, not to mention the endless tasks of the king for Don Juan. It was as if, the audience, after watching the play, knew much intimately the characters and could even identify them even in actual people whom they know in real life.

The costumes of the actors and actresses in the play reflected the creativity of the producers. An added entertaining and modernizing factor also was the use of now in trend, pick-up lines, which are the catchy creative sentences used to get the attention or favor of the person one is attracted to or being courted.

Because of his skills in fighting, the mighty prince has killed the serpent and saved the two princesses. His medical advisors told him that the only cure to his unexplained sickness is a lullaby sung by the Adarna bird.

Because of the selfish king, the two tried to escape. The audience even clapped when Donya Leonora slapped Don Juan hard on the face. He has been healed by the poor old man he helped in the mountain. It was the kind of play which audience would love to watch over and over again.

He met a very old sick man who gave him tips about the magical tree of Piedras Platas and catching the Adarna bird. In conclusion, beyond mere entertainment the play showed the different side of Ibong Adarna by using comedy and creativity, bringing to stage the characters with more depth of personality, not just the stereotyped identity which viewers had known and watched.

In the second part of the play, the brothers released the bird and pushed Don Juan down a well. He wanted to punish his two sons but Don Juan asked his father to just forgive them. King Fernando has known the truth when the bird started singing after seeing Don Juan. They found him in the kingdom of Armenia.

All of the actors and actresses wore black top and pants and would just wear a robe and a hat or some accessories, depending on the character they have to play. The limited budget encouraged the production to be creative and economical without sacrificing the quality of the show.

And of course, no one can forget the sequence when Don Juan fought the seven-headed snakes with a referee as a commentator to their battle is a whole new take on how their battle went down.

The world beneath the well, Don Juan saved two princesses from imprisonment and brought them back to her brothers even though bought princesses were in love with him.

One creative factor that pleased many of the viewers was the use of shadows in the play. Don Juan, for example, was good-looking and a great fighter. All in all, it was a heart-warming play for the general public and DUP managed to put a new look on an old tale.

One may be that it signified different attitudes of the character. Maria Blanca was cursed to be crawling like a snail and be forgotten by the prince Don Juan.

Unfortunately, he had the same bitter chance like his older brother. When Don Juan found the bird, he also found and brought home his brothers.

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The way the play used this post-modern tools were surely humorous and awakened the viewers from an old view of an old tale.

The King went well and stronger than ever. The costumes were simple yet very resourceful.The Adarna Bird ANNOUNCER: Hello young friends, your story-hour program today brings you a tale. of magic and enchantment that was a favorite of our great great grandfathers – “The Adarna Bird!

" hope you will en#oy it #ust as they did $%&"': %p and under a sad (umintang song STORYTELLER:)nce upon a time, in the far away *ingdom of Berbania, the *ing lay ill His condition was so serious 2/5(1). Contextual translation of "ibong adarna kabanata 1 15" into English.

Human translations with examples: story, adarna, ibong adarna, chapter 1 63, summary ibong. ibong adarna synopsis Essay ABOUT IBONG ADARNA Ibong Adarna is a mythical story, formed in narrative song and poetry called corrido and considered a big part of the Philippine literature, usually studied as part of the secondary curriculum in the country.

Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. A short analysis of DUP’s Ibong Adarna Essay Ibong Adarna is a Philippine classic tale about Don Juan and his adventures in search of the magical bird, the Ibong Adarna.

Don Juan’s father, the King, is very ill and the only hope for his healing is for him to hear the Ibong Adarna’s song.

Ibong Adarna: Summary English and Tagalog Versions

Jan 21,  · The Ibong Adarna is the subject of a Filipino epic or korido of the same name. The epic narrates the story of three brothers sent by their father, a king, to catch the bird, in order to cure the king's ailment through hearing the bird's enchanted Resolved.

Adarna bird summary essay
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